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Herban Artisans

Herbal Wellness Products, Education, Consultations, & Community

Herban Artisans was formed by friends Shannon Renne and Beth Galantha in 2017 with the goal of blending our passions for herbal wellness and art. We craft high-quality small-batch herbal preparations, educate through community classes, offer herbal consultations, and create art inspired by nature.

About Herban Artisans


Holistic Assessments for Optimal Health & Wellness

Herbs on Wooden Spoon

Each of our bodies has traveled different paths and gathered different physical, psychological, and spiritual imprints from our experiences. An herbal consultation accounts for this uniqueness in its collaborative, iterative process. Please keep in mind that an herbalist is not a doctor and so cannot diagnose or prescribe. She can, however, make plant-medicinal suggestions (e.g., teas, tinctures, topical applications) to help your body find balance and return to its optimal state of function.

Shannon’s offerings

Shannon Renne is a clinical herbalist with 5 years of formal education in plant medicine and over 10 years of experience working with diverse bodies and needs, including addressing acute and chronic illnesses. She is also comfortable working with most prescriptions.


An intake consultation with Shannon costs† $125 and consists of a 60–90 minute, in-person discussion of:

  • your health concerns and goals, health history, lifestyle, and any past trauma;

  • identification of organ system excesses and deficiencies;

  • tissue state analysis; and

  • individualized recommendations of corresponding, balancing herbal applications.


Follow-up consultations with Shannon generally last 30–45 minutes and cost $1/minute. Together in person or via phone or email (as you choose), you will review your personalized herbal suggestions and adjust as desired.


Each individual will require different herbs, and it is up to them what they choose to try (the cost of recommended herbs is not included in the consultation cost). Typical suggestions average $30–40 of herbal products, which the individual may obtain independently or from Shannon.


†Payment accepted via cash, check, or PayPal. If you cannot afford the cost of the consultations, please contact me in advance to discuss possible payment or trade options. I strongly believe in accessible care for everyone.


Community Education

Homemade Remedies
Community Education

Backyard Apothecary Consultations


Enhance the health of yourself, family, and yard with the power of plants! Shannon Rene and Marian Farrior  offer consultations to help you identify which plants to grow, harvest and process to support the health of yourself, family and space.

Session 1 - Personal Health Assessment. Identify which plants can be used to balance your body with a holistic herbal health consultation by Shannon Renne. 

Session 2 - Yard Health Assessment and plant selection. Marian and Shannon will plan a visit to your yard to help you identify the medicinal plants already present, and ones you may want to grow. We will also identify plants that could augment the health of your yard.

Session 3 -Harvesting and Processing. Marian and Shannon will visit your yard again to help you craft your own herbal medicines from the plants you’ve grown.

Each session is $100-$125 (sliding scale), with a discount of $250-$300 (sliding scale) for all 3 sessions. We provide assessment forms, plant lists and handouts, and medicine making materials.

Contact us at Shannon Renne at  to start planning your apothecary today!


An Introduction to Plant Spirit

June 15th 12:00 - 3:30 pm

Join us at Warner Park  for an afternoon of experiential practice.

Together we will discuss and implement practices for spiritual hygiene- opening and closing space for spirit work and using plants for maintaining personal sovereignty..

We will practice  plant attunement, tree whispering, land clearing and varied techniques for working with plants for spiritual health as we learn the importance of reciprocal relations with plants and our environments. 

Cost: sliding scale $80-125

To Register: contact Shannon at, 10 spots available

What to bring…

An open mind, a journal or notebook, water, a chair or blanket- any bug spray, sunscreen/ anything necessary to be comfortable outside. There are restrooms available at the park.

Spells, Potions and Plant Magic

Sunday, April 14th, 12:30-2:00 PM

Rooted in Sanity Kava Lounge

2007 Atwood Ave. Madison, WI


Registration: $20 contact Shannon at

Only 10 spots available!


Join us for an afternoon of fun as we explore and create with the magic of plants!

  • Create your own bottle amulet to wear

  • Write your own spells for protection, blessing, manifestation and prosperity

  • Make your own incense and plant spirit wash


Learn the historical and intuitive magical properties of common herbs and how to use them as allies to bring  magic into your life! Come a little early to grab a kava drink or special tea for the occasion!

Thinking about embarking upon an herbal education?

Check out this Free Teaching!

Custom Products and Workshops


Custom Made Products

At Herban Artisans Collective, we specialize in creating custom made products that are tailored to individual needs. Are you struggling with particularly dry skin in patchy areas, need a custom tincture formula or just looking for some simple tea, tincture or salve crafted with love? Reach out and let us know how we can help support you! 


Specialty Workshops

Planning a group retreat or wellness meeting? We would love to share some herbal wisdom and plant love with you! Seasonal medicinal plant walks, medicine making, plant meditations and creating with nature are just a few ideas. Reach out below to plan a workshop that meets the needs of your group!

Specialty Gift Boxes
A perfect way to pamper yourself or loved one! Reach out below to tell us a little about the momma, need some help managing stress? We will come up with products just for them, enclose a personalized care and drop it in the mail! Prices start at $65 for a box of 5 products and increase $10 for each product added. Final pricing subject to change due to shipping to certain areas- ( CA and HI are pricey!) 

Upcoming Classes

Land of the Ho-Chunk Nation | Madison, WI

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