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A Bit About Us

Herban Artisans was formed in 2017 with the goal of blending our passion for herbal wellness and art.  We create quality small batch herbal preparations, educate through community classes, offer herbal consultations and love to create art inspired by nature.


 Introduction to Herbalism

 8 week on-line course

Herbs and Remedies

  Have you wondered about plant medicine and how to support yourself and family in these turbulent times?  This may be just the class for you!

 This eight week course is designed for those who  are seeking to understand how to use plants to create your own personal pharmacopeia of  plant medicine as preventatives and gaining an understanding of how plants can support acute and chronic conditions.


Topics covered throughout the course include: 

An introduction to the history and principles of herbalism

Herbal energetics...the language of herbalism

Making plant medicine

10 plants of WI- most of these are very common throughout the US as well!

The four elements in herbalism

Introduction to aromatherapy

Contemplating stress and trauma- an introduction to the nervous system and corresponding plant medicines

Plants for preventing and balancing acute colds, flus and viruses

The course will be held over zoom from 6-8 pm , central time, Wednesdays from September 22- November 10th 2021. Class may wrap up before 8 but the remaining time will be open for discussion and questions. An invitation for class meetings will be sent with a corresponding handout each week.  If you are unable to make the class time the class will be recorded and available for viewing for two weeks from the class date.  

COST: $200 due before Sept.22nd

* if you are unable to pay in full before class begins but would like to be a part of  class please email Shannon at the email link below.  I strive to make herbal wisdom affordable and accessible to all who wish to learn and practice. I understand times are tight for many and am able to be flexible to some extent!

Registration:  contact Shannon at the link to the right...............

Let me know you would like to register for the Intro class and I will send you a paypal request.  If you do not do paypal I can send you an address to mail a check.  



How to reach us


Current Course Offerings

Winter/Spring 2020

The Comprehensive Herbal Training Program

Herbal study is a life long journey, unique to each individual embarking upon it.  The comprehensive herbal training program offers individual courses covering the foundations of plant medicine, organ system functions and imbalances with corresponding herbal suggestions, tissue states study, plant materia medica and research, plant identification, herbal preparations and dosages, beginning comprehensive client intake practices and individual self guided study projects.  Each segment of the training will be offered individually in 4-8 weekly classes.  

ONLINE COURSES: I am in the process of recording all classes and currently have the Foundations class up and ready!  Once payment is received for the course I will send you a file with links to the recordings and handouts.

Segment 1:

Introduction to Herbalism


Where: Online

See information above

In this eight class course we will explore a brief history of herbalism, familiarize ourselves with herbal vocabulary of plant energetics and actions, learn to identify plant tastes and affinities, prepare an infused oil, tincture and salve, get to know some plants of the US, understand how the elements influence our bodies and the plants we use, touch on nervous system balancing aromatherapy and using plants for prevention and care of acute seasonal afflictions.

Segment 2

Organ Systems 1

 Dates and times to be announced

Cost: $150

This 4 week course begins to delve into the anatomy and physiological functions of human organ systems including the digestive, nervous, liver and lymphatic systems.  We will learn which plants to use for corresponding imbalances within these systems, create individual plant profiles and explore the basics of aromatherapy.  

Segment 3:

 Tissue States

To be announced

Cost: $150

The Tissue States are Western Herbalism's most helpful assessment tool lending an understanding to total body evaluation. In this four week course we learn the history of the tissue states based on the four foundational qualities: hot, cold, wet and dry and two tensions that combine uniquely in each individual.  Each of the six traditional tissue states, their corresponding imbalances and herbs to balance with be thoroughly discussed. 

Segment 4:  Organ Systems 2

Segment 5:  Total body analysis/ practicum

Segment 6:  Advanced Study

Dates and times of segments 2-6 will be announce

Contact Shannon at herbanartisans@gmail.com for more information regarding individual or comprehensive training program or to register for a course

Rustic Kitchen


holistic assessments  for Optimal health and Wellness

Herbs on Wooden Spoon

An herbal consultation takes into account everything that makes you unique.  Each of our bodies has traveled different paths impacting our physical, mental and spiritual selves.  During an herbal consultation we will fill out intake forms together discussing your health concerns and goals, health history, any past trauma, lifestyle, look for organ system excesses or deficiencies, tissue states and begin to comb out some possible plant suggestions.  One thing to remember is this: an herbalist is not a doctor. Herbalists cannot diagnose or prescribe.   Your friendly herbalist can however make suggestions of plants  (teas, tinctures, topical apllications etc.) to help your body find balance and return to it's optimal state of function.  

Consultations with Shannon include:
60-90 minute face to face initial consultation to discuss your concerns and goals

30 -45 minute follow up in person, via phone or email- your choice- to review your personalized herbal suggestions.

Initial consultation cost $125, cash, check or pay pal only. Follow up consultations $1/minute.  Each individual will require different herbs, it is up to you what you choose to try - suggestions usually average $30-40 of herbal products.

If you cannot afford the cost of the consultations please contact me in advance to discuss possible payment or trade options. I strongly beleive in accessible care for everyone!

To schedule a consultation please contact Shannon at herbanartisans@gmail.com

Shannon Renne is a clinical herbalist with 5 years of formal education in plant medicine.  She enjoys a challenge working with acute or chronic illnesses, and is comfortable working with most prescriptions.


Custom Made Small Batch Herbal Products

Contact us at herbanartisans@gmail.com  for custom orders
All products are crafted with care using ethically sourced plants
For a general list of preparations  normally on hand see the list in the following section.  We are always up for finding a plant suggestion specific for you!

We believe in quality, compassion, safety and accessibility. We would like to make sure the plant medicines you purchase are safe and compatible with you.  Though we do occasionally offer products through small crafting venues, compiling gentle products for general populations, we prefer to get to know those who choose Herban Artisans.

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Products in Stock

Last listed Nov, 2020

Salves and Lotions

First Aid Salve 1 oz., $15,
Bruise and Sore Muscle salve 1 oz., $15
Rose Facial Cream- 1 oz., $18

List Body


Nutritive Long Infusion Blend 3 oz. $15
Cold Killa' 3 oz. $15

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Tinctures vary in availability, menstrum, strength and price depending on the plant tinctured.  Before purchasing please contact Shannon at herbanartisans@gmail.com to make sure the tincture you choose is a safe match for you!

Blue Vervain              Hawthorn               Peppermint              Lemon Balm          Holy Basil

                  Skullcap              Turmeric/B.pep.          Sage                     Thyme

Motherwort               Rose hips               Elecampane            Burdock Root            Yellow Dock 

                  Red root                 Licorice Root            Cleavers             Varied Bitters Formulas